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Laurie Baker was a prolific builder. So passionate was he about his mission to create shelter for as many as possible that he rarely documented any of his work per any typical architect's norms. Therefore please note that this is definitely a grossly incomplete list and has been pieced together in retrospect. Several of his works in North India are undocumented for sure. In case you are aware of any buildings designed or built by Laurie Baker that are not on this list please use the contact form to get in touch



Institutions and Buildings

Leprosy homes for Mission to Lepers across India
Pithoragarh house, school and hospital complex
Nepa lHospital
Allahabad Agricultural University
Lucknow Psychiatric Centre, Noor Manzil
LiteracyVillage, Lucknow
Centre for Social Studies, Surat
Ahmedbad & Baroda – factories
Jyothi Pumps, Baroda
Children’s Village, 1965, Kulashekaram, Tamil Nadu
Mitraniketan, Vagamon
Horst Kowski orphanages and homes across India (other than Childrens Village Nagercoil)
Houses for the Archbishop of Trivandrum
Tourist Resort near Muttam
Loyola Women’s Hostel, 1970, Sreekaryam
Loyola Chapel and Auditorium, 1971, Sreekaryam
Centre for Development Studies (CDS), 1971, Ulloor
St John’s Cathedral, 1973, Thiruvella
Nalanda State Institute of Languages, 1973, Nandankode
Chitralekha Film Studio, 1975, Aakulam
Pallikoodam (Corpus Christi), 1972, Kottayam
Fishermen’s Village, 1974, Poonthura
Mitraniketan, Vellanad

Krishi Vignyan Centre Vellanad
Tourist Centre, 1980, Ponmudi
The Indian Coffee House, at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India
Chapel for Sacred Hearts Centre, at MonroeIsland, Quilon
Navjeevodayam, Thiruvalla

Muttom Boat Building Yard
Nirmithi Kendra, 1987, Aakulam
CSI Church expansion wing
Paruthipara Church
Salim Ali Centre, Anakatti, Coimbatore
The Hall near Jawahar Nagar
AHADS (Attapadi Hill Area Development Society)
Latur Eathquake buildings
Jilla Panchayat Office, Thevally, Kollam
Kanyakumari Boat-building Yard
Intial concept for Nrityagram, Bangalore
Dakshina Chitra, Chennai, 1996
Building Centre at AnnaUniversity, Madras
Some buildings in Kishkinta, Madras
Sewa, Villapilshaala
Chengalchoola Slum Dwelling Units, Trivandrum
Nava Yatra, Villapilshaala, Trivandrum
Concept Design for Karimadom Colony, Trivandrum

Chapel, CMC Vellore




Jayan and Asha, Kakkanad
Neeta’s House
HUDCO Suresh
IAS Colony
Abu Abraham, 1989
Major Jacob, 1988, Kulasekharam
Leela Menon, 1973
Mr Narayan’s Mango house
A M Jacob
Anirudhin – 1969 first house in Trivandrum to have a preponderance of jalis
Nambudiripaad, 1973, KEsavadasapuram
Nalini, 1989, Anayar
KN Raj, 1970, Kumarapuram
TN Krishnan, 1971, Kumarapuram
PK Panikar, 1974, Kumarapuram
Vaidyanathan, 1972, Kumarapuram
T C Alexander, 1982, Vikramapuram Hill
P J Thomas, 1972, Kuravankonam
Lt Gen Pillai, 1971, Jawahar Nagar
P Ramachandran, 1975, Pottakuzhy
Ravindranath, 1975, Gourishapattom
Varghese Jacob, 976, Kottayam
K V George, 1987, Karakullam
Vasanth Gawerekar, 1982, Manvila
Beena Sarasan, 1989, Kowdiar
Valiathan, 1985, Pulliyankotta
K J Mathew, 1984, Vattiyurkavu
C T Sukumaran, 1984, Vattiyurkavu
P Sivanandan, 1984, Vattiyurkavu
Sukhman, 1984, Vattiyurkavu
Uma Devi, 1989, Ulloor


House Modifications

Anna Mathew, 1986, Kuravankonam
K Peter, 1988, Nalanchira
Vinay Kumar, 1990, Kunjavuzni


Organisational Roles:

Served as the Chairman, HUDCO
Member of the governing body of NID (National Institute of Design), Ahmedabad
Consultant to UPDESCO (Uttar Pradesh Development Systems Corporation)
Member of the Advisory Board for the Central Building Research Institute (CBRI)
Only non-government member of the Working Group of the Union Government Planning Commission
Served in an advisory capacity to the Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh governments
Served as Chairman of COSTFORD ( Centre of Science & Technology for Rural Development)
Fellow of the Centre for Development Studies

Other Notable Projects:

International Leprosy Mission, Faizabad

Boys Town, Madurai
Welthy Fisher's Literacy Village, Lucknow
Andhra Pradesh Quaker Cyclone Project
Latur Earthquake Proof Housing Project
Tsunami-proof Housing Project