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Baker had no interest in awards and fame. Nevertheless his work was recognised by numerous national and international organisations and institutions.

Citizenship of India was the only award he actively pursued in his life.


1938: Associate of the Royal Institute of Architects (ARIBA)

1970: Fellow of the Indian Institute of Architects

1981: D.Litt conferred by the Royal University of Netherlands for outstanding work in the Third World

1983: Order of the British Empire, MBE

1987: Received the first Indian National Habitat Award

1988: Received Indian Citizenship

1989: Indian Institute of Architects Outstanding Architect of the Year

1990: Received the Padma Sri

1990: Great Master Architect of the Year

1992: UNO Habitat Award & UN Roll of Honour

1993: International Union of Architects (IUA) Award

1993: Sir Robert Matthew Prize for Improvement of Human Settlements

1994: People of the Year Award

1995: Awarded Doctorate from the University of Central England

1998: Awarded Doctorate from Sri Venkateshwara University

2001: Coinpar MR Kurup Endowment Award

2003: Basheer Puraskaram

2003: D.Litt from the Kerala University

2005: Kerala Government Certificate of Appreciation

2006: L-Ramp Award of Excellence

2006: Nominated from the Pritzker Award (considered the Nobel Prize in Architecture)

Organisational Roles:

Served as the Chairman, HUDCO

Member of the governing body of NID (National Institute of Design), Ahmedabad

Consultant to UPDESCO (Uttar Pradesh Development Systems Corporation)

Member of the Advisory Board for the National Building Research Institute

Only non-government member of the Working Group of the Union Government Planning Commission

Served in an advisory capacity to the Kerala, Karnatak and Andhra Pradesh governments

Served as Chairman of COSTFORD ( Centre of Science & Technology for Rural Development)

Fellow of the Centre for Development Studies

Notable Projects:

International Leprosy Mission

Welthy Fisher's Literacy Village, Lucknow

Andhra Pradesh Quaker Cyclone Project

Latur Earthquake Proof Housing Project

Tsunami-proof Housing Project

Has designed and built a dance village, computer institutes, fishermenÂ’s huts, chapels and churches, factories, schools, film studios, orphanages, tourist resorts, residences, technical institutes, earthquake and tsunami resistant houses, leprosy homes, a Literacy Village, hostels, slum dwellings improvement, an ornithology centre, government buildings, a blind childrenÂ’s international school and a museum.

For a more detailed (though not complete) list of his work go here