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All through his life Baker was a prolific cartoonist. His creations are hilariously irreverent yet perceptive and often satirical, highlighting problems of the common man. He is able with a few strokes of his pen to put across his point far more succinctly than any number of words ever can.

Baker often took the government and the authorities to task for not understanding the needs of the masses. He manages to point out the problems in a thoughtful yet funny manner.

The melodrama of politics never failed to fascinate and amuse Baker. Here follows a few cartoons on the subject including Baker's mischievous suggestions to the Speaker of the Lok Sabha to help control unruly politicians!

That is not to say Baker did only cartoons on serious issues. He was equally capable of doing low-brow humour and nonsense limericks which were a pet favourite of his. Here are two such efforts.

Baker was very interested to see how India had developed its own brand of English and usages. Baker documented over 40 such usages in a series of cartoons. Here are a few to sample: