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Learn more about the man behind the architectural work. Baker held very strong and clear views on a number of subjects which were intrinsically linked to his principles as an architect.

Values & Beliefs
Baker always had very strong convictions about religion, the privileged and the under privileged, war and peace, jails and freedom. These convictions especially regarding religion help to understand the reasons for Baker's principles of life and living. Read about his thoughts and writings on these subjects in this section.


Letters to the Editor
Baker considered himself a responsible citizen and also often wrote letters to the editor with his reactions to news items in the news papers ranging from the conservation and restoration of old traditional buildings, urban development, waste disposal and a wide variety of other topics.


Contributions by Friends
A great deal about Baker can be understood by the impact that he had on his friends. Read more about his life during the war in China, the Himalayas from the perspective of some of his friends and colleagues at the time.


Baker was a prolific artist and cartoonist. He continued to create hilarious, highly perceptive though sometimes incisive and acerbic cartoons and beautiful ingenious paintings, collages and sketches by the dozen right into his late 80s.


Baker often said that architecture was mostly common sense. Baker's advice on architectural techniques and methods stem from this practical approach and respect for the local building culture of the land.



Did you know Baker's office was a corner of his bedroom? Or that he could write with both hands? For more such interesting trivia head on to this section.