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Scans from Indian National Newspaper Coverage:


Hindu National Edition: March 3rd 2017

Daily Pioneer national edition Feb 9th 2017


Indian Express Shiny Baker Article Feb 3rd 2017

Indian Express national edition February 3rd 2017


ArchDaily Hindu Jan 6th coverage
ArchDaily Listing Hindu Newspaper Jan 6th coverage

ArchDaily Times of India Coverage Jan 6th
ArchDaily Listing Times of India Newspaper Coverage Jan 6th


Hindu March 2nd Kerala edition


Indian Express Newspaper Film Review
Indian Express Newspaper 17th Dec 2016  Uncommon Sense: The Life and Architecture of Laurie Baker Film Review
Frontline Magazine March 3rd Nation Print Edition
Deccan Chronicle Newspaper Coverage
Deccan Chronicle Newspaper Coverage Jan 1 2017
New Indian Express Newspaper Film Review
New Indian Express Newspaper Uncommon Sense: The Life and Architecture of Laurie Baker Film Review 27th November 2016
Times of India Newspaper Film Review
Times of India Newspaper Uncommon Sense: The Life and Architecture of Laurie Baker Film Review Dec 29 2017
Sunday Standard Newspaper Film Review
Sunday Standard Newspaper Uncommon Sense: The Life and Architecture of Laurie Baker Film Review Dec 18 2016
Kerala Chronicle Article Jan 17 2017
ArchDaily Kerala Kaumudi Coverage Jan 6th
ArchDaily Kerala Kaumudi Newspaper Coverage Jan 6th 2017 (language: Malayalam)
ArchDaily Malayala Manorama Jan 6th coverage
ArchDaily Malayala Manorama Newspaper Jan 6th 2017 coverage  (language: Malayalam)
Archdaily Matrubhoomi Jan 6th coverage
Archdaily Matrubhoomi Newspaper Jan 6th 2017 coverage (language: Malayalam)


Architecture Magazine Coverage:

Domus Germany Article
Domus Germany Architecture Magazine Article Jul-Aug 2016
Architect and Interiors India Film Interview
Architect and Interiors India Uncommon Sense: The Life and Architecture of Laurie Baker Film Interview


Indian Architect and Builder Coverage
Indian Architect and Builder Coverage June 2016 
Architectural Digest January 27th 2017



Articles in national daily English newspapers in India:


 Hindu Nation Edition March 3rd 2017 Friday Review Cover Story:

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·  E-version: 

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Hindu March 2nd 2017 Kerala edition:

Article 1:

Article 2: 


Deccan Chronicle:

·  E-paper:

·  Full article:

·  Full page:


Indian Express:

·  Scan:

·  E-version:

·  Permalink to e-version:


New Indian Express:

·  Scan:

·  Eversion:

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Indian Express:


Daily Pioneer:


Deccan Herald:


Sunday Standard:

·  E-version:

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Times of India:


Kerala Chronicle:


Kochi Biennale Coverage:


Hindu April 28 2017: 


Kolkata IIA 100 Years Special Screening coverage: 




Older Newspaper Articles:


Magazine Coverage:

Frontline March 3rd 2017:




Scan 2: 


The Week Feb 7th 2017:



Yourstory (online publication): 

The Logical Indian (online publication): 

Yourstory (online publication): 


Architecture Magazine coverage:

Resene Film Festival New Zealand coverage:




On Dec 29th the film was selected to ArchDaily's yearly list of "Architecture Documentaries to Watch" for 2017:


Arch Daily Press Release Articles:

Rar file:


Individual Articles: (3rd article)