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This section contains a selection of articles and papers written by Laurie Baker for various architectural and design journals and magazines.

Baker was a prolific artist and cartoonist. He continued to create hilarious, highly perceptive though sometimes incisive and acerbic cartoons and beautiful ingenious paintings, collages and sketches by the dozen right into his late 80s.

Baker always had very strong convictions about religion, the privileged and the under privileged, war and peace, jails and freedom. These convictions especially regarding religion help to understand the reasons for Baker's principles of life and living.

A great deal about Baker can be understood by the impact that he had on his friends.

Included in this section are accounts from an army colleague's perspective, who served with Baker in China during the war. He talks about Baker's untiring efforts and how overturned traditional fear and anger and helped locals understand that the lepers of Salachi, China were not to be shunned and to be treated with respect as any other human being.

Also included is a recollection by the Murrays of the life in the Himalayas, Baker's resourcefulness and enterprising nature, carving out a hospital and a house literally on the peak of one of the highest mountains in India.

Baker considered himself a responsible citizen and also often wrote letters to the editor with his reactions to news items in the news papers ranging from the conservation and restoration of old traditional buildings, urban development, waste disposal and a wide variety of other topics. Presented here are selections.